About Us

Peak Media Private Limited is a media company established to promote the idea of एक भारत श्रेष्ठ भारत. The primary goal is to establish a positive and constructive discourse in our society promoting Indic values and ethos as well as showcase the glimpses of India’s progress, culture, religion, history, traditions, philosophy and science to the whole world.

We want to reach every corner of the country, focus on every section of society and engage with common man and intellectuals alike on the positive developments as well as challenging issues. We believe Indian society is currently facing some serious challenges.

These challenges are mostly from the forces which want to exploit our social, cultural and religious fault-lines for their selfish political and divisive agenda and motives. Challenges are also emanating from anti-national forces present overseas which see a threat in India’s unity, progress and development.

Peak Media is working towards building a Pan-India network to not only expose these forces but also give them a befitting reply.

Corporate Address: 41 MM Road, Rani Jhansi Marg,
Jhandewalan, New Delhi, Delhi-110055